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Capture Emotions, Frame Moments.

Explore the exquisite range of Thomas's photography, now available for print. The collection spans from serene landscapes to vibrant city shots, with options for various sizes, paper types, and finishes. Each print is masterfully produced by Prism Imaging, Thomas's trusted fine art printing service in Melbourne.

Each print is meticulously crafted to showcase the depth and beauty of film photography, offering a timeless piece of art for your home or office. This page is periodically updated to feature additional works for sale. Please return frequently to explore the latest selections available.

Kindly note that the prices displayed are for the authorisation to print these works. The actual printing costs, which vary based on size and material, will be additional. For a detailed breakdown of printing prices, please refer to this pricing page from Prism Imaging.

Additionally, framing and delivery services are offered at extra costs, providing a complete solution for bringing these unique artworks into your space.

For inquiries about purchasing any portrait prints, please reach out to Thomas directly. He will need to secure consent from the models before proceeding with the sale.

Should your preferred piece from Thomas's collection not be featured on this page, kindly reach out to Thomas directly for personal assistance.

How to make a purchase?

Select your preferred artwork and get in touch with Thomas through the Contact page or via email. He will collaborate with you to determine the ideal print size, paper material, and discuss delivery options. Please be advised that each print is meticulously crafted upon order, and as such, delivery may take up to two weeks. Your patience and understanding are appreciated as Thomas ensures the highest quality for your selected artwork.


Featured Works

Works for Sale

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