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Your Guide to a Seamless Portraiture Experience

Welcome to the Policies page, where Thomas outlines important guidelines and procedures for the portraiture services. Thomas prioritises transparency, privacy, and your satisfaction. Explore these policies to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Last updated: 11/07/2024

By booking the portraiture service, you acknowledge and agree to the following policies. Please review them carefully before booking your session.

  1. Privacy Policy:

    • Your photos may be displayed on this website and Thomas’s social media platforms for promotional purposes.​

    • Prior notification will be given if your photos are submitted to competitions.

  2. Service Location:

    • ​This portraiture shooting service is available in multiple locations, including Melbourne, Hong Kong, and other destinations as agreed upon. The availability of the service in each location is subject to prior arrangement and scheduling.

    • All rates, fees, and financial transactions associated with this service shall be conducted in the local currency of the respective location where the service is provided. For instance, if the service is conducted in Hong Kong, fees will be quoted and charged in Hong Kong Dollars (HKD).

  3. Booking, Plans and Payment Policy:

    • Booking can be made through Jotform only.

    • Bookings must be made at least 7 days in advance to allow Thomas sufficient time to procure the necessary film stock.

    • Written confirmation of availability will be issued upon booking.

    • To secure a booking, clients are obligated to make upfront payments. 

    • The upfront payment amounts are determined by the selected plan as follows:

      • Basic Plan: AUD $100

      • Premium Plan: AUD $175

      • Ultimate Plan: AUD $240

    • For the Basic, Premium, and Ultimate Plans, the costs of film, development, and scanning are included.

    • Customers opting for the Basic and Premium Plans may only choose colour films that use C-41 processing. Motion picture films (ECN-2) and slide films (E-6) are exclusively available to Ultimate Plan customers.

    • Build Your Own Plan Policy: 

      • Clients choosing the Build Your Own Plan are liable for the cost of film, development, and scanning.
      • Thomas will initiate the procurement of the requisite film stock upon receipt of the base rate and film cost payments.
      • In cases where the initially selected film stock is unavailable, Thomas will engage in discussions with clients regarding suitable alternatives.
      • Clients may be required to cover any price disparities between the two film stocks.Developing and scanning fees are determined by the chosen laboratory and are separately invoiced.
    • Payments are facilitated via bank transactions.

    • Clients will receive formal confirmation upon successful payment.

    • Invoices will be dispatched to clients following payment.

  4. Photography Release and Copyright Policy:

    • Copyright is jointly vested in clients and Thomas.

    • Clients possess full discretion to utilise the photographs without the imposition of obligatory credits, although such accreditation is encouraged.

  5. Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy:

    • Free cancellations and rescheduling are permitted up to 12 hours prior to the commencement of the session.

    • An AUD$80 fee will be levied for cancellations made within the 12-hour window preceding the session.

    • An AUD$60 fee will be levied for rescheduling made within the 12-hour window preceding the session.

  6. Refund and Satisfaction Guarantee Policy:

    • Partial refunds may be contemplated in cases of lab mishandling or equipment failure.

    • The organisation of reshoots may be arranged at a reduced rate.

    • No refunds are available in cases where clients are not satisfied with the shooting results.

  7. Late Arrival Policy:

    • Clients arriving 20 minutes or more past the scheduled time will result in automatic cancellation of the service.

    • No refunds will be issued for late arrivals leading to cancellation.

  8. Turnaround Time Policy:

    • Turnaround times are subject to variations contingent on the selected laboratories and the intricacies of film processing, spanning durations from 1 day to 2 weeks.

    • Some laboratories extend express processing options, available for an additional fee.

  9. Code of Conduct and Respect Policy:

    • Demeanor characterised by respect and decorum is unequivocally expected throughout all sessions.

    • Thomas retains the prerogative to terminate any session, sans refund, in the event of misconduct.

  10. Film and Equipment Policy:

    • Equipment selection is vested in Thomas, unless an alternative arrangement is mutually agreed upon.

    • Clients are encouraged to engage in discussions concerning preferences and equipment selections.

    • Clients may, following prior consent, introduce personal equipment.

  11. Expired Film Disclaimer:

    • Clients are afforded the option to opt for expired or discontinued film from Thomas's available inventory.

    • Refunds are categorically excluded due to the inherently unpredictable nature of expired film.

    • The pricing of expired/discontinued film is judiciously determined.

  12. Liability and Insurance Policy:

    • Thomas is absolved of liability in cases of accidents or injuries.

    • The possession of liability insurance is not an attribute of Thomas's service.

  13. Contact and Communication Policy:

    • Clients are encouraged to relay feedback or concerns through the medium of electronic mail.

    • Response times typically range from 1 to 5 business days.

  14. Service Area and Travel Policy:

    • This service is exclusively rendered within Melbourne and its immediate environs.

    • Clients are exempt from public transport fees but bear responsibility for transportation expenses should public transport be rendered impracticable.

  15. Copyright Violation and Content Removal Policy:

    • Reporting Copyright Violations:

      • If you believe that your copyrighted material has been used on this website or Thomas’s social media accounts in a manner that constitutes copyright infringement, please promptly notify Thomas via email at

      • Your notification should include a detailed description of the copyrighted work, identification of the specific location of the infringing material, your contact information, and a statement of good faith belief.

    • Content Removal Process:

      • Upon receiving a valid copyright infringement notification, Thomas will promptly investigate the matter and remove or disable access to infringing material.

    • Counter-Notification:

      • If you believe your material was removed or disabled in error, you may submit a counter-notification including material details, a statement of good faith belief, your contact information, and consent to jurisdiction.

    • Contact Information:

    • Protection of Rights:

      • ​Thomas reserves discretion in handling copyright matters, including the removal of material without prior notice.

  16. Reservation of Rights and Final Decisions:

    • ​All rights and final decisions regarding the services provided, policies, and their interpretation are reserved by Thomas.

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