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Welcome to Thomas's enchanting realm of Super 8 filmography. Here, he delves into the artistry of capturing life's moments on celluloid, one frame at a time. Explore the timeless allure of Super 8 filmmaking.

All works on this page were shot in analogue format unless otherwise specified. For digital filmography works, please visit here.

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The Art of Shooting Film Videography

Shooting videography on film transcends mere aesthetics; it embodies a spirit of craftsmanship. Unlike digital formats, film demands meticulous planning, deliberate execution, and patience. Each frame is precious, requiring careful consideration and deliberate composition. The tangible nature of film fosters a deeper connection between the filmmaker and the process, enhancing creativity and attention to detail. Moreover, film's organic texture and colour reproduction imbue movies with a timeless quality unmatched by digital formats. Filmmakers cherish film for its authenticity and unique visual language, elevating storytelling to an art form steeped in tradition and reverence for the craft.

Thomas, February 2024.

Gas (2022)


Gas takes viewers on an evocative journey through the mind of a Hong Kong youngster who now finds himself in Australia. Immerse yourself in the mesmerising point of view as the young protagonist grapples with a profound identity crisis and a longing for his distant homeland. 

The vibrant visuals of bustling Asian restaurants and bustling markets stir up memories of his beloved Hong Kong, while simultaneously emphasising the sense of displacement and lost connection to his roots.

In this surreal and captivating narrative, the protagonist is transported through a vintage television set, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy. Gas smoke envelops the scenes, heightening the feeling of being adrift in time, space, and place, mirroring the protagonist's emotional journey of feeling lost and disconnected.

Gas weaves together the tapestry of emotions and experiences, exploring themes of belonging, cultural nostalgia, and the search for one's true self. 

[Canon 514 XL | Kodak Vision3 50D, Kodak Vision3 200T, Kodak Vision3 500T, Kodak Tri-X B&W]

Cinematography: Thomas Pang & Davies Tai
Cast: Keita Yosida
by my little airport

Dev & Scan: nano lab

Special Thanks: HeyDay Hong Kong Cafe

​Enchanted Sunlit Trails (2023)


Enchanted Sunlit Trails is a wistful Super 8 short film that delves into the bygone trails of a lost romance. Through the lens of cherished memories, we embark on a bittersweet journey alongside a young boy as he revisits the sunlit days of a once-enchanted relationship. 

The film captures the essence of his ex-girlfriend, a captivating presence now etched in the recesses of his memory. With each frame, the red scarf she wore stands out, symbolising the tender moments they shared.


As we follow the boy's POV, we are enveloped in the warm embrace of nostalgia, witnessing how the magic of their love once danced under the sunlight. The subtle nuances of their connection, the whispers of affection, and the laughter that once filled the air are all vividly recalled. Enchanted Sunlit Trails is a heartfelt reflection on the fleeting nature of love, as the boy grapples with the longing and beauty of what once was.


In this intimate portrayal, the film explores the complexity of emotions tied to a past love, leaving us with a poignant reminder that some trails of enchantment remain forever ingrained, and the person we once loved lingers on in the shadows of our memories.


The chosen music for Enchanted Sunlit Trails, rising Jazz star Laufey's Bewitched delicately mirrors the boy's emotions when he first fell under the girl's spell. With its dreamy undertones and whimsical lyrics, the melody evokes the enchantment he experienced during the initial stages of their romance. The music becomes a time capsule, transporting him back to those cherished moments, evoking nostalgia and bittersweet realisation as he recalls their bygone relationship. Throughout the film, the subtle hints of nostalgia in the music gracefully complement the Super 8 imagery, deepening the audience's connection to the boy's journey of lost romance and the enduring enchantment of love lingering in memory.

Read the story behind Enchanted Sunlit Trails.


[Canon 514 XL | Kodak Vision3 50D]

Cinematography: Thomas Pang

Cast: Lucie Poevaiki Regal

Music: Bewitched by Laufey

Dev & Scan: nano lab

Special Thanks: Davies Tai

​When I Play Your Song (2023)


When I Play Your Song is an evocative music video that seamlessly weaves the realms of love, memory, trauma, emotion, and artistry. Shot on three distinct mediums—two digital and one analogue—this video is a testament to the versatility of storytelling. 

The narrative unfolds through two distinctive formats: the nostalgic allure of Super 8 analogue and the introspective clarity of digital. These formats become more than mere visuals; they serve as portals to the past and present, reflecting the intricate psychological states of the actress.

On the digital camera, vintage film camera lenses from the 60s and 70s were employed, creating a timeless and nostalgic feel that adds depth to the narrative. This blend of technology and artistry enriches the storytelling experience, making When I Play Your Song a captivating exploration of the human journey, the capacity to heal, and the enduring force of love.

The juxtaposition of colour and monochrome within these formats encapsulates the duality of emotions and the enduring nature of love. As the actress navigates her journey, the music video explores themes of longing, acceptance, and the transformative power of embracing the present while honouring the past.

Accompanied by the hauntingly beautiful melody of Swedish duo NAYAD's Red Carpet Sand, When I Play Your Song invites viewers to immerse themselves in a dreamy and melancholic soundscape. It's a cinematic masterpiece that masterfully blends technical innovation, narrative depth, and the timeless beauty of music, creating an unforgettable experience that lingers in the heart. This music video stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities of art to capture the essence of the human experience.

[Canon 514 XL | Kodak Vision3 50D, Kodak Vision3 200T]
[Nikon Z fc | Nikkor AI'd 135mm f3.5, Nikkor AI’d 85mm f1.8, Nikkor Auto 55mm f3.5, Nikkor AI 50mm f1.4, Nikkor AIS 28mm f2.8]

[iPhone 15 Pro Max]

Cinematography: Thomas Pang, Davies Tai

Cast: Charlotte Claire

Music: Red Carpet Sand by NAYAD

Dev & Scan: nano lab

Special Thanks: Ellen Tang, nano lab

​Reverie of Hong Kong (2024)


Reverie of Hong Kong is a 1.5-minute short film shot entirely on a Super 8 camera that encapsulates the serene beauty and reflective moments hidden within the vibrant life of Hong Kong.

This visual ode was filmed during Thomas's nostalgic return to the city and artfully captures iconic landmarks and everyday scenes, weaving a tapestry of the city's dynamic atmosphere. From the rhythmic sway of the trams and the sweeping vistas from The Peak, to the methodical pace of the MTR and the gentle drift of the Star Ferry across Victoria Harbour, each scene is a contemplative homage to Hong Kong. The film also features the mesmerizing skyline of Victoria Harbour and the intricate dance of traffic at night, illuminating the city's ceaseless rhythm. Reverie of Hong Kong offers a unique, meditative glimpse into the soul of Hong Kong, showcasing its enduring allure and tranquil moments amidst its lively urban landscape.

[Canon 514 XL | Kodak Vision3 50D, Kodak Vision3 200T]

Cinematography: Thomas Pang

Music: Fix It by Lady Black Bird


Special Thanks: Davies Tai

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