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Featured Posts

Explore Thomas's captivating featured blog posts, a vivid narrative of his adventures in the world of analogue photography. Each post is a window into his unique experiences, showcasing his passion for film, his explorations with various cameras and lenses, and his collaborations with creative individuals. 


Melbourne After Hours on Film ft. Lucie Poevaiki Regal

From night-time cityscapes to playful double exposures, our Melbourne photo adventure with Lucie turned the streets into art.


The Last Waves of Summer with Charlie Clark

An hour of waves and smiles with Charlie – a quick, vibrant beach shoot capturing the essence of summer's end.


Nikon F2: The Pinnacle of Mechanical Camera Engineering

Exploring a year with the Nikon F2 - the mechanical marvel that brings the raw essence of street photography to life. Discover my journey.


Portraits and Parklands: An Analogue Exploration in Clifton Hill ft. Charlie & Clémentine

Explore a captivating photoshoot in Melbourne's hidden gems, celebrating friendship through the lens. Genuine moments captured on film.


Portraits by the Umi ft. Laura Langley

Embark on a captivating seaside portrait session with Laura, featuring Japanese-inspired photography and stunning vistas.


Making of: Enchanted Sunlit Trails ft. Lucie Poevaiki Regal

Discover the magic behind Enchanted Sunlit Trails, a Super 8 film capturing love's simplicity and beauty in everyday moments.


Film Review: Kodak Aerocolor IV ft. Charlotte Claire

Kodak Aerocolor IV, an aerial film turned portrait gem with stunning skin tones and natural backdrops.


Nikon FM10: A Hidden Gem in Analogue Photography

Nikon FM10: A beginner-friendly film SLR that's reliable and surprisingly versatile. Perfect for diving into analogue photography.

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