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Zine generally refers to publications that do not limit any form or quantity and have a strong independent style. The following are zines designed, curated and published by Thomas himself, which are also testimonials of his unwavering passion for photography and print media.

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Underexposed (2022)

Step into the captivating world of Underexposed, a photographic odyssey by Thomas. Through four evocative themes — Melbourne, Sea, Portraits, and Pets—this zine encapsulates Thomas's transformative journey across 2021-2022. With a keen eye, Thomas documents the heart of Melbourne, encounters diverse souls, and captures the spirit of the sea and beloved pets.

Zine: Underexposed

Soulful Gaze (Work in Progress, 2024)

Dive into a captivating world of emotions and connections with Soulful Gazes. This mesmerising portrait zine, skillfully crafted by Thomas, unveils the essence of each subject through masterful photography. A tapestry of diverse souls unfolds, inviting readers to explore the unspoken stories etched upon each gaze.

Zine: Soulful Gaze
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