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Capture Your Essence.


Your Choice of Colour / Monochrome.


Available in Melbourne/
Hong Kong and beyond.

The unique artistry of Thomas's film-based photography service, perfect for all professions and especially suited for editorial photoshoots. Thomas specialises in capturing your essence through outdoor shoots, creating portraits with a natural and timeless touch. Step into a world of authentic, film-crafted portraits that celebrate the beauty of life's moments. Whether you're an individual, professional, model, or actor, Thomas's expertise ensures your true self is exquisitely immortalised in every frame.

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Experience the exquisite art of bespoke film photography, capturing life's most cherished moments with timeless charm and artistic mastery. Specialising in professional model headshots in Melbourne, Thomas offers a unique, personalised approach to each outdoor portrait session, ensuring your essence is elegantly immortalised.

In a digital age, Thomas’s commitment to the authenticity of film sets his service apart. Each meticulously crafted frame celebrates inherent beauty, making his photography perfect for individuals, couples, pets, or professionals. The natural interplay of light and outdoor settings creates images that radiate authenticity and sophistication, with editorial photoshoots being especially welcomed.

Choosing Thomas means embarking on a luxurious, personalised journey. His keen eye for detail and unwavering dedication to film ensure every portrait is a timeless masterpiece, capturing the very essence of your being.

Multiple plans are available to suit your needs. Read more here.


Lucie Regal

Thomas takes amazing pictures so full of character. Perfect if you want to add unique and high quality images to your Instagram feed. Thomas knows lots of secret spots around Melbourne that sprinkle some good vibes in the pictures, he's great at choosing locations that fit the atmosphere you're looking for.

Service Details

Key Features:

  • Exclusively Film-Based: Stand out with Thomas's unique, artistic portraits that capture timeless charm and authenticity.

  • Inclusive: Welcoming all genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds.

  • Professional Focus: Ideal for models, actors, actresses, and creative artists, with a special emphasis on editorial photoshoots.

  • Creative Freedom: Choose from various styles and film stocks, or let Thomas select based on your preferences.

  • Versatile Options: Available in colour, monochrome, or hybrid formats.

  • Camera Choices: Use 35mm or medium format cameras, with multiple aspect ratios (6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7) or something unique like half-frame or 110 format.

  • Editing Included: Basic Adobe Lightroom editing and colour correction provided.

​Plan-Specific Features:

  • Basic Plan - AUD $219:

    • 1 roll of 36-exposure 35mm film

    • Choose between colour or monochrome

    • Custom film selection by Thomas

  • Premium Plan - AUD $349:

    • 2 rolls of 36-exposure 35mm film and 2 rolls of medium format film

    • Dual format (35mm and medium format)

    • Colour and monochrome options

    • Conducted with 4 different cameras (2x 35mm, 2x medium format)

    • Option for motion picture and slide film

  • Ultimate Plan - AUD $489:

    • 2 rolls of 36-exposure 35mm film and 4 rolls of medium format film

    • Choose 2 distinct medium format frame sizes

    • Colour, monochrome, motion picture, and slide film options

    • Conducted with 4 different cameras (2x 35mm, 2x medium format)

    • Option for half-frame cameras, yielding 72 photos from a 36-exposure roll

  • Build Your Own Plan - Starting at AUD $170:

    • Customisable session based on your budget and criteria

    • Choose your own film, format, and size

    • All costs, including film, development, and scanning, directly billed to the customer

    • Personalised consultation with Thomas

Book your professional model headshot session today and capture your essence with timeless film photography.

Please keep in mind that, owing to the nature of film photography, there is a minimal chance that image quality may be affected by factors including, but not limited to, chemical contamination, light leaks, mishandling of film, or camera malfunctions. In such instances, a partial fee refund may be considered.

By booking this portraiture service, you acknowledge and agree to the policies. Please review them carefully before confirming your session.

For inquiries or bookings, please click the button below or contact Thomas on Instagram.


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