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Lost in Homecoming


A visual journey of rediscovering a distant past.

Lost in Homecoming is a striking photographic series by Thomas, a Hong Kong-born photographer who has spent eight years of his life immersed in Australian culture. This series poignantly captures the surreal experiences of navigating between two cultures, along with the suffocating atmosphere of returning to a place that has transformed in unexpected ways.

The photographs poetically document Thomas's journey as he returns to his homeland after an extended absence, offering a unique perspective of someone torn between two distinct cultural identities – that of a Hongkonger and an Australian. The series delves into the experience of feeling adrift within one's own identity, exploring the uncertainty surrounding cultural allegiance and the possibility of embracing multiple cultural identities.

Upon returning to Hong Kong, Thomas is confronted with a surreal and disorienting landscape, where once-familiar surroundings are now imbued with a sense of strangeness. The atmosphere of the city further emphasises the tension between his dual identities, creating a palpable sense of unease that permeates the series.

Despite the changes in Hong Kong, Thomas remains compelled to capture the enduring beauty of his hometown as it evolves with the passage of time. His photographs serve as a testament to the city's resilience and the fluidity of cultural identity, inviting viewers to find solace and appreciation in the midst of transformation.

Through Lost in Homecoming, viewers are encouraged to reflect on their own experiences of navigating cultural landscapes, the intricacies of identity, and the impact of disorienting environments on their sense of self. The series transcends physical location and emphasises the importance of personal values and self-perception, ultimately inviting viewers to contemplate their own paths towards understanding and embracing their multifaceted identities amid surreal and suffocating circumstances.

Artist Statement.

My photographic works draw inspiration from renowned street photographers Vivian Maier and Fan Ho. Their exceptional talent and mastery in capturing the essence of street life have greatly influenced my artistic approach. Inspired by Maier's ability to find beauty in the every day and Ho's use of light and shadows, I strive to create compelling street photographs that reveal hidden narratives and evoke a sense of intrigue. Their legacies have instilled in me a deep appreciation for the art of street photography and continue to fuel my passion for documenting vibrant and ever-changing urban landscapes.

selfie of me

Through the medium of film photography, I have embarked on a captivating exploration of the multifaceted essence of Hong Kong. I chose film as my medium due to its ability to evoke a dynamic texture that adds depth and richness to the images, surpassing the limitations of digital photography. This choice aligns perfectly with the overarching theme of my works, which focuses on the contrast between the everlasting nature of captured moments and the ever-changing environment of the modern context.


In my photographic journey, I am particularly drawn to capturing the daily lives of people on the streets. While these individuals may appear ordinary at first glance, there is an intangible essence, a hidden narrative, that lies beneath the surface of these images. Through my lens, I strive to reveal the unspoken stories and emotions that exist within these seemingly mundane moments, inviting viewers to contemplate the profound connections between people, places, and the passage of time. Embracing the subjective nature of art, I invite viewers to engage in their own interpretations of my work. Each person's unique perspective adds depth and richness to the collective experience, allowing for a multitude of translations and connections to be formed. This interactive and exploratory aspect of my project enhances the viewer's engagement and fosters a deeper connection to the imagery presented.

Thomas, June 2023.

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