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Why do I shoot?

Why do I shoot? This question lies at the very core of every photographer's journey, whether a seasoned professional or a budding amateur. Photography serves as the medium through which we capture fleeting moments, freeze time, and safeguard memories. It evokes the ancient wisdom of René Descartes: 'Cogito, ergo sum''I think, therefore I am.' In my world, it translates to 'I shoot, therefore I exist.'

Photography, poetically speaking, is a proof of my existence in this vast world. Each photograph becomes a testament, a unique creation that affirms my existence. Essentially, I pick up the camera to inscribe my place in this ever-evolving world.

Yet, behind the lens, there's a more intimate layer to my motivation. Photography becomes my sanctuary, a soothing balm for my soul. Just as people find comfort in sports, music, or games, photography envelops me in a unique solace. Amid my many interests, it offers a rare opportunity to quiet my mind and wholly immerse myself in art.

In the process of photography, I am an eternal seeker of self-improvement. Developing an aesthetic sense, honing a keen eye, and nurturing artistic instincts are the bedrock of this creative odyssey. With each frame, with every release of the shutter, I evolve. It's a perpetual journey of discovery, amassing experiences that mould the person I am today.

So, why do I photograph? It is my means of self-actualisation, a canvas where I paint my capabilities. I aspire to show that I possess an innate eye for composition, devoid of formal photographic education. In my view, art can't be taught; it must be felt deep within one's heart. It's an intangible quality that resists logic, numbers, or quantification. This is the essence of art. At the day's end, my primary reason for shooting is to bear witness to my profound love for art and an unwavering dedication to it.

In reality, the reasons that propel me behind the camera are intricate. I'd estimate that 80% of my motivations are emotional, while the remaining 20% prevent me from lapsing into boredom. In times as tumultuous as these, we all seek solace in hobbies. Art is a sanctuary for our precious souls, a reminder of our humanity; it sets us apart from machines. It's what makes us truly human. The question 'Why do I shoot?' doesn't yield a single, straightforward answer. It's a deeply personal journey adorned with a tapestry of emotions. So, next time someone asks why you eat, consider if a simple 'Because I need to' would suffice.

So, why do I shoot? Perhaps it's not the precise question – it's a question marked by profundity and intricacy. I dare to say that this is my philosophy of existence. I shoot, and through it, I affirm my existence.


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